"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people" 

-Steve Jobs

April 2-4, 2020


Today’s world is one in which change is occurring faster than it ever has and the workplace is transforming as a result. Unless you want to continually make every decision for your team, you need teams that are ready to make important choices themselves. We have to be ready to pivot—and just as importantly, we have to know when to pivot. 

PRT—or Pivot Ready Teams—is a human systems platform designed to help small businesses scale with purpose and for profit. In this model, the leaders of small businesses learn proven systems to attract talent, recruit gamechangers, build up leaders, and redefine and refine their own roles in the organization. 


Hire, Train, Retain

 When you hire the traditional way, finding a true superstar requires luck. In PRT, you’ll learn the strategies and techniques to become a magnet for Pivot Ready Teammates—the type of talent who will dramatically transform your organization. Take the guesswork out of hiring by implementing a true system that maximizes the human systems guiding your organization.
PRT focuses on ground-breaking interview techniques that get to know the person, not the resume. By learning how people think, you maximize the chance that you will find someone who is adaptable, flexible, and ready to grow with you.
Once you have the skills to find Pivot Ready Teammates, you need the skills to retain them as well. This requires that you listen, learn, and adapt to a high level. Be the leader they want to follow into battle.

Tools For Success

Key to the success of PRT implementation is the AcuMax Index assessment. This revolutionary assessment dives into how people are wired and how this directly relates to the roles, environments, and companies that will most likely lead to success. The same person who thrives in one role will flounder in another.
Once your team is assessed, the PRT software platform will allow you to easily assess individuals, teams, and even your whole organization by overlaying different profiles. Data is king, and this software gives you that data.

Become the Leader Your Organization Needs

The more your organization grows, the more your leadership matters. We are strong believers that leaders are created, not born, and that everyone has their own path to leadership excellence.
In PRT, we focus on the three dimensions of PRT leadership. First, we look at internal leadership. How do clarity, discipline, and flexibility combine to forge a
Pivot Ready leader? Then we explore team leadership. How do you understand, motivate, and challenge elite talent? Finally, we cover organizational leadership - how to connect the dots, organize teams and create an atmosphere of success.
The future belongs to the Pivot Ready Leader, and that evolution doesn’t happen by chance. Grow with us!



Dirk van Reenen

Dirk van Reenen

Dirk is an award-winning entrepreneur and internationally sought after business growth consultant and coach. Dirk was one of the top Keller Williams International Brokerage CEO's leading an operation of 480 agents selling close to a billion a year in real estate sales and led one of the fastest growing offices worldwide for Keller Williams International in 2016. Today, Dirk owns and operates BERGflow, a research and development company that empowers entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEO's.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
"Dirk has solid integrity, a sharp mind, and strong work ethic in helping people grow their businesses. I recommend talking to Dirk and BERGflow if you are ready to take your business to the next level."

David Osborn

Master Entrepreneur
"BERGflow is one of those rare companies that marries their mission, their passion, and their talent into their work! The whole team lives and breathes their style of growth and productivity and they’ve changed me and my company for the better many times!!"

Chris Goodman

Goodman Coaching
 "I have yet to meet someone who has the ability to stretch my mind and vision as Dirk van Reenen does. Dirk is a master when it comes to mindset and performance."

Marco Coetzer

Keller Williams Advance Realty
"We have a lot of experience in business between and we've seen a lot of things. However this was a game changer! The training took it up a notch. I recommend it to anyone!"

Richard Leonard & Erin Guyton

Fox Mountain Properties
"BERGflow's training allows you to recognize what your primary role is in your organization. I have taken so much away from the training that I can implement into my business!"

Sam Wegert

Super Kicks Karate

David Osborn

Master Entrepreneur

Aaron Amuchastegui

Homerock LLC & AMA Construct Inc
MARCH 6, 2020
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Day 1 

Introduction: The Art and Science of Pivot Ready Teams
Learn the science of why Pivot Ready matters, and the art of how to thrive in a dynamic, increasingly changing environment.

Part 1: The Mindset of the PRT Leader
PRT leaders are built, not born. Explore the many facets of your leadership and create your own personal PRT growth plan.

Part 2: Build the PRT Toolkit
As a PRT leader, you are designing a human system of achievement. Dive into the building blocks that make that system amazing, including thought process analysis, optimal team construction, and informational feedback loops.

Day 2 

Part 3: Evolve Your Current Organization
Employ your toolkit with your current organization first! Identify the genius that already exists, and ensure you have your current people on the path to success.

Part 4: Find Pivot Ready Teammates
Once you’ve identified true gaps in the organization, it’s time to build a winning talent selection process. We cover how to be a talent magnet, interviews that reveal talent, and how to close your best candidate.

Day 3 

Part 5: Create Your Empire Plan
Pull it all together and create a 90-day plan that will raise your organization to the next level—and identify the next few as well.


The Hilton Garden Inn

Space Center Houston, NASA Mission Control, and University of Houston-Clear Lake are four miles from our hotel near I-45.

Old-fashioned fun at Kemah Boardwalk is 10 miles away. Breakfast and dinner are served daily in the Garden Grille & Bar, and there's a nice outdoor pool to relax in.


What time does training start?
Training will begin each morning of the event at 8:30am. We will have various breaks during the day, during which we will provide snacks and lunch.
What time does training end?
We typically end Thursday and Friday around 5:30pm, but it may go longer or shorter depending on the conversation in the room. Saturday, we try to end by 12:30pm so that people who have afternoon flights can make it to the airport in a timely fashion.
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